Development through Eco-tourism

More and more local communities across the globe are struggling to maintain the uniqueness of the places they live in and at the same time to balance this with their economic development. Ecotourism may serve as a tool for enhancing quality of life, increasing opportunities for environmentally responsible economic development, and conserving fragile natural resources, […]

Catalan network joins

At the 29th of March from Barcelona joined the network. is a network that supports its members in working actively on global solidarity and equality both in Catalonia and in other parts of the world. It works with its members on international cooperation, peace building and strengthening human rights. has been cooperating […]

New member: LAPAS from Latvia

The Latvian network for development NGOs LAPAS declared its support to the founding statement of the network on the 13th of February 2023 and became the 16th member of the network. Now the network is represented in 12 European countries. The Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation (LAPAS) was established in 2004. The same year, when […]

Lithuanian NGDO platform joins the network

The Lithuanian platform for development NGOs, Vystomojo bendradarbiavimo platforma (VBP), joined the European Network for CIGS in January 2023. VBP represents a great diversity of Lithuanian NGOs active in development. Among the members of their platform are not only CIGS but as well larger Lithuanian NGOs. The majority of NGOs in Lithuania is though quite […]

Different conditions result in different CIGS

A comparative research on the differences between French, Dutch and Flemish CIGS was conducted in 2022 by researchers from the Radboud University and Belgian researchers and financed by members of the Network. This research revealed interesting differences between the CIGS from the different countries. It showed that the conditions authorities and other entities create for […]

Citizens for Citizens

In times of crisis many citizens feel compelled to undertake action. The current refugee crisis that is taking place as a result of the Russian invasion in Ukraine is such a crisis. Citizens decide overnight to undertake action. Citizen Initiatives in Global Solidarity are often the rally points through which such actions can take place. […]

European network founded to support small local development initiatives

On the international day for the eradication of poverty on the 17th of October 2021, a group of 10 European organisations established the European Network for Citizen Initiatives for Global Solidarity. This network aims to support and develop the movement of citizen initiatives for global solidarity in Europe. A movement of citizen initiatives of which […]

Second European Conference on Citizen Initiatives in Global Solidarity

On the 20th and 21st of June 2019, the second European Conference on Citizen Initiatives for International Solidarity (CIGS) was held in Brussels. The conference discussed the three roles CIGS can have; as partners for development in the South, as a catalyst for change in their own communities in Europe and as a vehicle for the […]

First European Conference on Citizen Initiatives in International Development Cooperation

In January 2014 the First European Conference on Citizen Initiatives in International Development Cooperation with the subtitle;  ‘Mobilizing European Citizens for Global Development’ took place in Brussels. The conference was organized by  a group of Belgian and Dutch organizations that work to facilitate the efforts of Citizens for Global Development in their regions.