Transformative Partnership Award launched to recognize exceptional collaboration

The Collective Leadership Institute (CLI, German member of the European Network for CIGS) launched a new Award for civil society organisations who partner with other sectors. With the Transformative Partnership Award, CLI would like to fill the gap that most awards purely focus on results, instead of the development of quality processes and methods towards sustainable results. Process and system skills for partnerships are a key competence that strengthens resilience, and that shows sustainable solutions to the complex goals of the 2030 Agenda. Therefore, CLI recognizes and celebrates exceptional partnerships with the Transformative Partnership Award. CIGS from all over the world can apply with their partnerships, if they fulfil the eligibility criteria, until 31 August 2023. Attractive prizes, as well visibility and connectivity with like-minded organisations around the globe are part of the awarding process. To learn more and apply, feel free to visit the Transformative Partnership Award website.