European Network for Citizen Initiatives in Global Solidarity

The European network for funders, capacity builders, national- and regional networks that support and unite citizen initiatives in global solidarity. A network that facilitates the exchange of knowledge, experience and good practises. A network that supports and cheers citizen engagement in local sustainable development everywhere.

About CIGS

Citizen Initiatives in Global Solidarity (CIGS) are small, volunteer driven development NGOs in European countries which support communities elsewhere in the world in achieving the sustainable development goals. They assist their partners, depending on their needs, for example by; building a village school, assuring clean drinking water, constructing a healthpost, or helping to get professionals trained. They do so through providing free of charge expertise, volunteer labour, and financial support to their partners. In Europe CIGS; raise funds and gather knowledge. Such is done through organising fundraising events, crowdfunding, informing the public about the development challenges, and engaging the public in local awareness raising actions that contribute to the realisation of the sustainable development goals and European values.

About the Network

The European Network for Citizen Initiatives in Global Solidarity consists of 20 members from 13 different European countries. The network seeks extension by new members and expansion into new European countries. If you are interested in becoming a member please read about us and follow the instruction on how to become a member on the contact page.