Different conditions result in different CIGS

A comparative research on the differences between French, Dutch and Flemish CIGS was conducted in 2022 by researchers from the Radboud University and Belgian researchers and financed by members of the Network. This research revealed interesting differences between the CIGS from the different countries. It showed that the conditions authorities and other entities create for the development of CIGS are very relevant for their development and focus. It showed that French and Flemish CIGS are dominated by younger people and are more routed in diaspora communities. Dutch CIGS seem to be more driven by financial motives where French CIGS are people driven. Due to the financing conditions in the Netherlands Dutch CIGS are least motivated to generate public support for international solidarity. Overall the Dutch population of CIGS seems to shrink while the numbers of CIGS in France and Flanders are still increasing. The full research can be found in our research library.