New member: LAPAS from Latvia

The Latvian network for development NGOs LAPAS declared its support to the founding statement of the network on the 13th of February 2023 and became the 16th member of the network. Now the network is represented in 12 European countries.

The Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation (LAPAS) was established in 2004. The same year, when Latvia joined the European Union. LAPAS unites 30 Latvian NGOs, which believe that Latvia’s transition experience to a democratic market economy can be useful to others. LAPAS promotes NGO participation in development cooperation and coordinates Latvia’s efforts in development education. 

The focus of international development projects of Latvian CISG and larger NGOs is on the countries of the eastern partnership (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine). Furthermore Latvian organisations are active in French speaking East Africa and in Oceania where they mostly support countries that are affected dramatically by climate change.