About the network

What we do

The European Network for Citizen Initiatives in Global Solidarity serves to enable knowledge exchange between its members. Knowledge on the best ways to support and facilitate the activities of citizen initiatives in global solidarity (CIGS) in Europe and world wide. We study the activities of CIGS in different European countries and in the world and evaluate our own support practises. Through this we identify good practises in; capacity building, funding, peer-learning and advocacy for CIGS. This helps to increase the impact of CIGS and their partners on achieving the sustainable development goals. It contributes to an increase in public support for global solidarity in communities all over Europe and leads to more public engagement in global solidarity.

What we want to achieve

The mission of the European Network for Citizen Initiatives in Global Solidarity’s is to create and support a Europe where citizens play an active and positive role in the achievement of the sustainable development goals and human rights worldwide. As a European network it embraces the European values as a base for international action. In its work the network seeks ways to improve support practises for CIGS in Europe. The network aims to increase the relevance of CIGS for the development of communities elsewhere in the world, for public support to international solidarity, and active engagement in global solidarity. 

How we work

The network enables and facilitates the exchange of information, knowledge, experience, and practices between its members. For this purpose there are four working groups: 

  • The working group on funding; exchanges practices on the processes and procedures for funding of CIGS and their development activities in the global south.
  • The working group on capacity building; focuses on the training activities that are organised by the members to strengthen the capacities of CIGS.
  • The working group on networks; aims to improve peer-learning and representation of CIGS in their national contexts.
  • A research working group; unveils valuable insights in the CIGS communities of different countries and their relevance for sustainable development and in mobilising the public to engage in international solidarity.

Action on European matters of relevance for CIGS or for the members of the network is undertaken by the coordination group of the network, as is the management and organisation of the network as a whole.