Lithuanian NGDO platform joins the network

The Lithuanian platform for development NGOs, Vystomojo bendradarbiavimo platforma (VBP), joined the European Network for CIGS in January 2023. VBP represents a great diversity of Lithuanian NGOs active in development. Among the members of their platform are not only CIGS but as well larger Lithuanian NGOs. The majority of NGOs in Lithuania is though quite […]

Child care practices in funding

On the 29th of September there was a meeting of the funding working group on how to include child care policies into funding practices. Some key take away’s from this meeting were: Most of us put efforts into child protection and especially de-institutionalizing child care, Orphanages are almost never financed in case they are financed […]

2022 summer coordination group meeting

On the 5th of July the coordination group of the network met. During the meeting we talked about the participation of the secretary in the conference on a European Civil Society Strategy in Budapest. This conference was very inspiring and shed a new light on the occurring suppression of civil society organisations in Europe and […]

CIGS and local authorities

Decentralized government appears to be a cornerstone in democratic societies. A cornerstone of societies with much space for CIGS, and civil society in general. As a result members of the network have been developing toolkits and training activities with which they build the capacity of CIGS and their partner to cooperate with for instance municipalities […]

2022 spring coordination group meeting

On Monday the 16th of May the coordination group of the network met. During the meeting we welcomed our new member the Finish Development NGO network FINGO. We spoke about developments in Ukraine in relation to the actions of CIGS. A special leaflet was made for the members of the network to inform the public […]

Join the 2nd research phase of ‘CIGS in Europe’ study

2nd research phase ‘CIGS in Europe’ Members of the research working group are invited to join the 2nd phase of the research ‘CIGS in Europe’.  The first phase of the research focussed on the role and position of CIGS in Europe, especially in the Netherlands, France and Belgium. In this second phase the research will […]

Due diligence and fraud prevention

The funding working group discussed experience and practices that the members of the network that fund projects have with due diligence and fraud prevention. Everybody mentioned that fraud actually occurs very seldom in our projects. Due to the cooperation between a local partner and a CIGS there are many checks and balances. There are though […]

Coordination group meeting November 2021

Efforts are underway to look for partners in Sweden, Spain Norway, Finland, Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland and Austria. The coordination group would like to ask for your help in expanding the network into new European countries and regions by spreading the announcement (English) (French) (German)  among our international networks. A list is established […]

European Network for CIGS expands

Just after the launch of the Network two new organisations informed us that they would like to join the network. The Small International Development Charities Network from England and the Consorzio ONG Piemontesi from Italy joined. We welcome these new members.  Please help to further expand the network into new European countries and regions by spreading the announcement (English) (French) (German)  among […]