Focus or not to focus?

The funding working group met on the 6th of June 2024 to discuss the impact of focus countries or themes on funding practices for CIGS, with a rather small representation of two member organisations. Up-front the province of West-Flanders provided us with a overview of how they relate to this theme. Actually the province of West-Flanders itselve does not have a specific focus policy they fund all projects in which CIGS from West-Flanders participate. As long as these CIGS work in ODA countries on Agenda 2030 they can provide support.

EUcanAid as well has no limitations with regards to the countries and the themes which they fund as long as these are ODA countries and the themes relate to the sustainable development goals. Nevertheless there are several countries in which funding is difficult for a smaller funder like EUcanAid. Especially countries with a difficult political context are excluded from funding from EUcanAid. 

For Wilde Ganzen the same is valid as for the province of West-Flanders. Projects in all ODA countries on all themes are possible, the most important limitation comes from the fact that Wilde Ganzen always needs a CIGS in either the Netherlands of Flanders to support a project and partner with an independent organisation in an ODA country. Nevertheless Wilde Ganzen knows the phenomena of focus countries these are countries where at least 15 local partners are identified. In these countries other programmes of Wilde Ganzen are as well implemented such as capacity building and linking and learning. In these country a national partner organisation is identified to facilitate the capacity building. Moreover focus countries are regularly visited by project advisors and programme managers of Wilde Ganzen.


Burkina Faso

Sri Lanka

Wilde Ganzen told that the fact that they focus now on several countries, without excluding others, helps in reinforcing the projects and partners they support in these countries. Moreover it enables Wilde Ganzen in improving its impact and avoid that it all becomes too scattered.  Both Wilde Ganzen and EUcanAid shared the wish to improve the capacity building aspect of projects and increase the length of cooperation with grantees in the ODA countries. 

At the end the working group decided to invite members to fill a small questionaire about their participation in the  November meeting of the working group. 

Suggested themes for this meeting are:

  • Local fundraining and mobilizing support
  • Supporting Global Citizenship through CIGS
  • Shift the Power
  • Learning from good and especially bad lessons learned