2nd research phase ‘CIGS in Europe’

Sara Kinsbergen (researcher from the Radboud University)

Members of the research working group are invited to join the 2nd phase of the research ‘CIGS in Europe’.  The first phase of the research focussed on the role and position of CIGS in Europe, especially in the Netherlands, France and Belgium. In this second phase the research will focus on the role CIGS play in the global south. On base of case studies this role will be unraveled. If your organisation would like to participate, read more.

The included document presents the research proposal for the second, and final, phase of the study ‘Citizen Initiatives for Global Solidarity (CIGS) in Europe’. This study is part of the wider research programme ‘unfold Private Development Initiatives (PDIs), led by dr. Sara Kinsbergen (Radboud University, the Netherlands), and is conducted in close cooperation and with support of the ‘Research & Action Network on European Citizen Initiatives for Global Solidarity’ and other partner organisations. It contributes to one of the cornerstones of the network (i.e., joint research) and is expected to foster joint learning, evidence-based policy making and spotlighting the work of CIGS, enabling lobby for increased recognition and a strengthened position of CIGS at EU level.

The first phase of this study, which ends in July 2022, examines the identity, role and position of CIGS in the Global North (France, Belgium and the Netherlands) via a mixed methods research design. The second phase (July 2022 – June 2023) will zoom in on the (different) role and position of CIGS in the Global South via a case study approach. More precisely, we will study the sustainability of their development interventions, by assessing 1) the type of interventions they undertake and 2) how they interact with other stakeholders in the South. The main underlying assumption is that the (different) identity and role of CIGS in the Global North as identified in the first phase of the study affects their role in the Global South.

The second phase is still open for organisations that consider participating in the study as partners. This document sketches the relevance and goal of the study, the research design and its deliverables. Interested organisations can contact sara.kinsbergen@ru.nl for more information.