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Coodination group

The coordination group is the temporary board of the European Network for CIGS. In this group we dicuss issues of general importance to the network. The coordination working group archives its procedings.

Coordination group archive

The coordination group as well manages the registration documents of the network:


The secretariat of the network is temporary hosted by the Wilde Ganzen Foundation in the Netherlands. The adres of the secretariat is:

Piet Mondriaanlaan 14
3812 GV Amersfoort
tel: +31 (0)33-204 5542

Working group on funding

In the funding working group we share knowledge and experience about how best support the projects of CIGS financially. If you would like to participate in an upcoming meeting of the working group please register here. 

Working group on capacity building

The capacity building working group shares knowledge and experience on training and capacity building activities for CIGS and their partners. When you would like to participate in the next working group meeting you can register here. 

The network shares a common data base of online capacity building resources for CIGS.

If you would like to add resources to the data base please use this form. The source language does not matter.

Working group on networking

The networking working group aims at sharing experience  in enabling national and Europe wide peer to peer exchange between CIGS.  

Research working

The research working group implements comparative research regarding CIGS in Europe. Participating members provide financial contributions to this research. The results though are public and available to all: 

New research initiatives are shared on the internal news page. 

If you are interested in joining the research working group please register here: