Child care practices in funding

On the 29th of September there was a meeting of the funding working group on how to include child care policies into funding practices.

Some key take away’s from this meeting were:

  • Most of us put efforts into child protection and especially de-institutionalizing child care,
  • Orphanages are almost never financed in case they are financed they are part of past projects,
  • In the Netherlands there are quite some networks that are aiming at child protection,
  • Child protection and children rights are almost always part of the funding considerations, 
  • There is a need for simple guidelines on child protection, It is a good idea to have some questions in forms and some principles in place as funders.
  • A child protection policy should be adapted to the size of an organisation,
  • Having an universal complaint mechanism helps.

Doctor Chrissie Gale did interesting workshops on children rights in Denmark for the Danish Child Protection Network.

The next meeting of the funding working group will be on ‘Income generating projects’ such as; micro-credits, support with animals etc.

This next meeting will be on the 9th of February 2023 from 11:00 till 12:30.  If you would like to participate please register here.